Multimedia Services

  • Full compositions and scores as well as "underground style beats" for lease or purchase of exclusive rights.
  • Graphic design including vector images of logos, graphics, stock photos, and more.
  • Full video production services, video editing, animation, for websites, apps, social media channels, and branding for promotional content.
  • Publishing services, listing, and SEO for help with publishing books, articles, and use of affiliate programs to assist with promoting like visions of other creative types.
  • Commissioned art pieces of hand-painted work at the client's request.
  • Adult Coloringbook projects for collaborative endeavors and help with promoting other artists.


Mentoring Services

  • Development of professional organizing skills using innovative technologies and creating autonomous environments to optimize time management techniques.
  • Offering bylines to participants in specialized writing group for content writer development.
  • Music production tutorials on demands for followers of "Graceless Lacy" female music producer artist page and "Female Music Producer" Facebook group.
  • Access to trending news in the tech industry. Specializing in IoT, Gadgets, Automation, Apps, and Music Gear reviews.
  • Discussion boards, brainstorming exercises, and periodic conference calls to strengthen allies with creative types within social networks.

Project Management Services

  • SEO content strategy development and implementation.
  • Keyword research services.
  • SEO content writing, storytelling, expert advice, and authority marketing work.
  • Complete package of branding and promotional content services available for clients.
  • Press releases, PR work, PR problem case studies, and networking/client relations management.
  • Internal employee relations management using team building exercises, incentive development, employee engagement, and motivational management techniques to retain talent.
  • Ad campaign for cultural diversity, equality, and inclusion to promote the acceptance of differing viewpoints.

Top Retail Sales Consultant in the Nation

Lacy Babcock is a one-woman resource as a tech industry expert. With over a decade of experience in corporate retail sales and as a top retail sales consultant in the Nation for a major cell phone carrier in 2010, she has developed some invaluable insight into trends within the realm of mobile technologies. She found success assisting high profile clientele on the frontline of one of the top cell phone carriers in the Nation during a time when mobile technology was becoming a commodity.

Passion for People

She has always had a passion for art, music, and the pursuit of knowledge. She enjoys a good challenge and is dedicated to problem solving, troubleshooting technical issues, and never gives up. Her genuine concern for others and broad range of interests has made it easy for her to connect with a wide variety of different personality types. She thoroughly enjoys networking, meeting new people, and assisting her clients getting to know them on a personal level while maintaining a high level of professionalism and without compromising her empathetic nature.

Join the Network

Lacy Babcock is always working to improve her strategies and creative processes. She strongly believes in relying on open communication to gain a deeper understanding and insight into differing viewpoints, to effectively decipher the needs of her clients. Join her network to keep up with trends, for technical advice, and for updates regarding her ongoing projects.