Audio Engineering

Tenured female audio engineer, Lacy Babcock has produced countless compositions, some of which have been published on the web and used to create promotional content for clients. She also has a large portfolio of original "underground-style beats" available for purchase of exclusive rights or lease. Miss Babcock is available to assist her clients from start to finish throughout the entire audio engineering process: arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, and more.

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Mixed Media Visual Art

Lacy Babcock is a professional visual artist. She has sold several commissioned art pieces of handpainted work and is currently in the process publishing an adult coloring book. She offers individualized graphic design services to fit the needs of her clients, at a reasonable cost. Miss Babcock is equipped to provide original stock photos and additional creative content for websites, apps, and more. Her skills extend to cover video editing and production and she is also capable of creating animations, full video production work, and has even had her work featured on popular tech blogs.

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SEO, Branding, Project Managment

Lacy Babcock is Director of Strategic Content for a brand new tech startup launching Fall 2017. She also writes SEO content for an up-and-coming tech blog, Miss Babcock has extensive experience with SEO strategy, branding, networking, and is the go-to for advice on all things tech specializing in IoT, mobile technologies, automated devices, gadgets, and audio production gear. She is also in the process of implementing her own professional organizing service based on the use of advanced technologies.

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Lacy Babcock is an independent contractor and entrepreneur. She is the go-to for all things tech. If she does not have the immediate answer to your tech woes she will either research it for you or find someone who does know the answer.

Miss Babcock has had an extensive love affair with technology stemming from the early days of the internet and what began as a collection of hobbies evolved into her livelihood. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to providing the very best experience possible for her clients.

Not only is she incredibly resourceful but she is also loyal, values honesty and integrity, and places importance on communicating effectively. She believes in treating people fairly, lives by the "Golden Rule", and develops long-lasting friendships with her clients.


Integrity Communication Clients


Follow Lacy Babcock's social media accounts to see the latest projects and reports. Follow along and get access to breaking news in the tech industry. Also, tune in for access to free tutorials on demand encompassing instructions on how to use popular music production software and hardware such as Maschine, FL Studio, Ableton, and Reason.